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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sunday Wrap-Up...

This morning the youth choir sang at the early service, which meant a really, really early morning. There is a bit of a controversy going on at the church right now, so that showed up and was volleyed about. I just know that I am called to love God, love kids and find other adults that love both those things as well. Sunday School was interesting. We did our check-in (goods, bads of the week) and kids had to fill in the phrase “Sometimes Christians irritate me because…" There were some really thoughtful, deep answers. Then we looked at the Rob Bell Nooma film “Bullhorn” which dealt with a great deal of what we talked about. Then 11 AM church. Afterwards, I went home and watched some of the Titans game and played some X-box.

This week at youth group was one of those weeks where I took a deep breath and say “Thank you for putting me in this place and this job.” Nothing major stuck out, but it was just a good week. For starters, we played some serious “4 on a couch” a youth ministry classic. The high schoolers took both games.

Then I taught the third week of the Team series. Two weeks ago, I taught about the need of Jesus to be in control of our lives. Last week we dealt with the need to be involved in the local church and this week we talked about the need to be involved in a small group. It has been good stuff. Next week, I end it with the idea of accountability and being mentored. It is definitely the deep end of the ocean of what I have taught here so far, but it will be worth it if folks buy in.

Then we moved to the gym and played indoor kickball. Basic rules except regular bases, no foul balls and you can play the ball off the wall. It kept getting crazier and crazier until I just called it because of time. And kids were left wanting more, which is great. Things are coming more and more together. Slowly but surely…little by little God is rebuilding and growing us into something more. Senior high small groups start in a couple weeks and then our big outreach event happens at the end of October.


At 4:37 PM , Blogger clave said...

Man, that is fantastic!

At 1:37 PM , Blogger Danielle said...

Sounds like a great series- the basics in some ways but calling the kids to something new and to commitment- which is always a challenge in this day and age! I will be praying that God will move the kids to respond!


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