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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The rare Saturday afternoon blog…

So this morning I got up to work on one of the Lesson’s Learned From Cornerstone ™ into practice- working the public relations machine better. Now, it isn’t that I am doing it just for public relations purposes; I really enjoy the opportunities. But when I get busy (and thus become less intentional about it) it is a easy thing to put on the back burner and to quit doing entirely.

So, I rose up early and went with a senior’s group from our church out to breakfast. We went to a restaurant not too far away and it was great to get to know some of them and have them share their stories. It is a good mix of people, folks who grew up in Franklin or nearby as well as folks who are new to the area. Some of them have grandkids in the youth group but most don’t. But it was a great time just spending time with them and saying “I value the whole church, not just my piece of it.” Afterwards, they were all extremely gracious and expressed thanks. And they made sure that I knew when their next month gathering was, which I took as a good sign.

Then I did some work here at the church and waited for some folks to come pick up a foosball table. We recently came into some new gaming tables and rather than chuck the old ones or donate them to Goodwill, the conference youth coordinator was gracious enough to advertise. So, a small church now has a good foosball table for their ministry. And it turns out it was the church of one of the new friends I met on last weekend’s youth minister’s retreat. It made me feel good about taking the time to try and bless some other folks’ ministry rather than chunking it away. Hopefully this week someone is picking up a ping-pong table and someone else is getting an air hockey table.

Tonight, I am headed to Turff’s parents big annual BBQ shindig. I hope that we don’t get rained out, though it definitely looks ominous. Oh well, it will still be cool, come rain or shine…


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