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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Middle School Girls...

So tonight, I was pinch hitting (hopefully not for the whole season) as the middle school girls Bible study leader. I am looking, lots of people are praying and I wish I could import some of my Newnan talent up here. (Brianna are you really happy in Statesboro? Would you consider Belmont or Treveca? Youth ministry degrees available. I definitely got some girls that could use your help! Be the first in the Coweta to Nashville pipeline.)

Some things I learned:

  • There is some major disconnect. As we did our discussion, girls would go into details about things people did that were very wrong. And then 3 minutes later do the exact same thing.
  • They were vicious. Now, I haven’t had to run an extended small group for girls in a long time but, dang, they were brutal to each other. (Side note: Early on there was much discussion about how there needs to be more girls in the youth group. So in the midst of a particularly vicious episode, I simply asked this question: Could this be why there aren’t more girls here? Their stunned silence and sudden realization that maybe the new guy had a point was a pretty good “A-HA” moment.”)
  • As frustrating and as disappointing as some aspect of our conversation was, there is a real sense of wanting something more, of a stronger sense of community and a place where they can be themselves. And they love the church and want it to be better. That can carry us a long way.
  • I am committing myself to really praying and seeking them a new leader. I am a decent pinch hitter and they really need a long haul shepherd.

Thankful that not everything is in my hands...


At 6:50 AM , Anonymous Turff said...

Sounds like the first chapter of the book I just started (see Queen Bees...)


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