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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday randomness...

Because my upbeat tone has started to scare some of you, I thought I would share a list of things that are irritating to me since my move.

  1. Tennessee Volunteer fans. On a scale of 1-100, with 100 being massively annoying, they are 1,467,439. I think I will be not stopping at the Cracker Barrel anytime soon because of all the awful orange crap everywhere. It is really sad. The mighty Volunteers went 5-6 last year and lost to Vanderbilt. (Side Vanderbilt rant: Vanderbilt fans are awesome because they are just as delusional as Georgia Tech fans. They have no real chance every year, they occasionally have a bright flash like Jay Cutler was for Vandy last year, and they suddenly think they can compete in the SEC East. Gotta love them for their faith, even if it is deluded.) And God please, please don’t let UGA lose to Tennessee this year. I will never hear the end of it.
  2. It was supposed to be cooler here. It is still hot. All the time. Everywhere.
  3. No root beer in the Coke machine at the church. Argh! (Not to mention the joy of the random button and Yoohoos.) I am forcing myself to buy Cherry Coke and saying things like “Well, it is better than nothing.”
  4. I haven’t met any other youth workers yet. So when I occasionally want to vent something, I got nowhere to turn locally. My cell phone bill is going to be ridiculous.
  5. No reasonable high speed internet access around. I am seriously, seriously annoyed with this one. I pretty much decided against cable and want to go with internet at the house. And it is all hugely expensive. So my plan for internet access and hooking up a Slingbox to my brother’s Tivo and cable doesn’t sound like it may happen.

In other news…

The Franklin Federales are going to win big time in the fantasy football league I am in. (The real mascot here at the high school is the rebels. I will refrain from comment. Other than to say I am not a fan and I have questions for Turff, who grew up around here.) Current roster is:

QB- Tom Brady, RBs- Steven Jackson and Warrick Dunn, WR- Hines Ward and Reggie Brown. TE- Ben Watson. My random player pick was Matt Jones.

Clearly, my reaches are Reggie Brown and Matt Jones. I took Brown because he is a UGA guy (admittedly a bad reason) and Donovan McNabb has got to throw the ball to someone. Reggie is going to be that guy in his second season. Jones is hopefully going to be a fantastic deep threat to the strong armed Byron Leftwich in Jacksonville. In case of injuries, my bench has Marc Bulger (QB), WRs- Derrick Mason, Ernest Wilford, Chad Jackson and Troy Williamson. And my last pick was Vince Young. If he gets it going, he may get me another good running back or if Brady goes down, he is at least going to get some snaps. I was hoping to have John Kitna on my bench as the surprise QB that gets it going, like Mark Brunell was for me last year. I need a good back-up running back but in my league you only have to play one RB. One spot can be WR or RB, so I feel good about where I am at.

Franklin High School better figure out its passing game ASAP. 4 interceptions last night, in large part because the QBs were locking and loading on one receiver, who is very good and headed to Tennessee next year. They were playing a team they hammered last year and squeaked out a win because the other team had 4 fumbles to match their interceptions. It was nice being back in a town where the whole town shows out for high school football. But I didn't get a seat and stood all night. Major calf soreness today.


At 4:57 PM , Blogger clave said...

I attended Mullens HIgh School as a young lad. One mascot was the Rebels. No comments necesary.

At 6:13 PM , Anonymous turff said...

Dude, if I'm being honest here, the Tennessee fan thing you are dealing with is nothing short of HYSTERICAL to me. You now know what it is like for a Tech fan living in Hotlanta. And by the way, Tech may not have a prayer this year (we still have a LOUSY coach), but we still have more national championships in football, and a more recent one to boot than that school you favor.

As for the YooHoo, my recommendation would be to invest in a couple of cases, keep them iced in your office, and start sharing them with key players in the church. You could start a viral marketing campaign that ends with two buttons on the machine being dedicated to the purpose.

As to your questions, you will have to ask those on a secure line.


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