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Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday Recap...

So this week was full of interesting things…
During Sunday School, we somehow were short a teacher, which meant a giant glob of humanity pushed into an entirely small room. After some general discussion time, we watched the Luggage film from the Nooma video series. The television was goofy and green-ish. It looks like we may need to add a TV to the list of stuff we need. (An ever growing, morphing list by the way.) We had a brief discussion afterwards. To be completely honest, I struggle hard with making Sunday school work in a way that is relevant to tired, brain dead 15 year olds at 9:30 on Sunday mornings. So we will do Nooma’s for awhile and then we will see.

After church, we headed down to La Hacienda, a decent restaurant in the area. Good food for the most part. Always fun to sit around the table and learn things. Like this week, I learned that Youth Choir tour sometimes turns extremely violent towards the end of the experience. Afterwards, I hightailed it to Toys R US. And through my experience there, I learned that there is a Nerf shortage in this country. Our youth group is now the proud owners of 3 girly-girl pink dodgeballs, because that was all they had.

So youth the last two weeks, I have been using some material I helped write a year ago on David and Jonathan and their friendship. It is a very low entry kind of material and I think it has been a great starter series for us. The response from kids that are talking has been very good. I think next up may be some stuff I am doing with the movie Remember the Titans. Good film clips, which will help stretch our time together (I am having a hard time filling an hour and a half…) and the series is basically a call to what the church should be like. My friend Jeremy and I wrote it last fall and I have never gotten to use it, so it should be really good for us in this time. (For those interested, we played Protect the President with minimal damage. Slow white kids always choose to hold the ball and pretend it is because they have a strategy when really they are weak, armed losers. Afterwards, we did a people bingo sheet, which went over okay. And we tried one song to very unfavorable results. River of Life. I valiantly tried to get it going because hand motions = FUN. Yeah, they didn’t buy it either.)

After youth group I stuck around to play basketball with a couple kids and some adults from the church. I was told it was a “Let’s have fun game” and typically ran half-court. I got roped into a wee bit intense game running full. Not pleasant. I did hit the game winning shot and it has motivated me to take some of my birthday money (It was Sunday) to go get some new shoes that I desperately need. Tomorrow I head to the New Balance store looking for 2 pairs of good shoes, some sneakers and maybe some basketball shoes.

So what is up this week? Contact work city. I am hitting as many games, events, etc. as I can between now and Friday. This weekend my mom and my bro’s family are all coming to Nash-vegas so I want to be as free as I can to hang with them and see the sites. So I am making some volleyball matches, some football games and a couple other things. This is my last week with an assistant, so I hope we finish database stuff and work hard on getting some loose ends tied up.

Well, I am off to a gathering of singles (think 7:22 Atlanta people), which I am working overtime to convince myself to go, because their myspace page and pics make it look like a meat market. And in that given analogy, I am the stuff they use to make hot dogs. But I hope I am proven wrong. I will write about it tomorrow maybe.


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Man, keep feeding me the updates. I love it when my little RSS reader pings that you've posted a new entry!


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