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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Just a random update...

The state of Tennessee is convinced that I am an illegal alien. Despite having a valid Georgia’s driver’s license, a current Social Security Card and proof of residency in the state, I can’t get a Tennessee license. Because you know all the illegals are coming to the States and snatching up the youth ministry jobs. Goofiness. I think it is just because I am a UGA fan. (And by the way, the Dawgs are killing people now that the Matthew Stafford era has begun!).

Youth is moving along. I had my first challenge to my authority by a kid. Everyone is still safe and sound. J (That’s a little joke folks…) Taught this week about the need to belong and serve in a local church. Not my greatest lesson but not my worst. Still using clips from the movie “Remember the Titans” so that is a great introduction device.

We have scheduled some service opportunities. Love and Justice (which is current church for “Missions”) is a pretty big deal around here, which is awesome. I am hoping to see some kids show up and help. I am blessed to have one couple that is really spearheading that ministry and handling details.

Also I got some new bookcases in the office. So all the books I had to put here at the office are now here and there is room for the 3-4 boxes I still have left at the apartment. Sweetness!

Well, back to life, back to reality.

Oh yeah- First Contest update: Turff was correct on his guess of the church with the weird singles ministry link being a PCA church. Awesome Aunt Shirlee also was correct but Kevin was first and can claim his prizes: a smoothie and he can select a topic that I must blog about within a week. Could get very interesting. And Lauren- I got some thoughts from my monk friends that I will pass along to you about the Apocrypha.


At 9:01 PM , Blogger Keith said...

Dude...I feel you on the liscence thing. Ive been trying to switch mine back ever since I moved back from Florida. Yeah, I know dude, Its almost been 1 whole year. The kept messing me up telling me to bring stuff that when i got there it was wrong and stuff like that. Then today I went up there and it said, "sorry, we are close do to moving" whatever

On the other note: You are correct my friend, Mathew Stafford is great...Joe Terawho?

At 7:58 AM , Blogger Mamakomeere said...

Awww shucks! But, congratulations to Turff. Enjoy the smoothie and throw him a good challenge with the topic.


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