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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Keep on moving and don’t stop….

So it has been a busy few days. Wednesday night I met with my middle school girls. I also had a high school girl join us who is interested in serving as a mentor. It will be interesting to see what happens with this group, as God isn’t really sending us a leader right now other than me. But a good discussion was had and great questions were answered. After group on Wednesday, I rolled on down the highway back to Newnan. (Arrival time: 1:45 AM EST.)

Thursday it was up early. My friend Jeremy and I are writing youth ministry curriculum. Over the last year, we have worked hard, edited each other’s material and used it in front our youth groups. Now it is the hands of some other people and we are looking at selling it reasonably to youth workers for their youth gathering or Sunday School. So Thursday Jeremy and I got together to work on a retreat we are coordinating (Youth Celebration for the South Georgia UMC Conference) and to make sure we have a full year of material done. Then we had lunch with my friend Brian, who is the speaker for Youth Celebration. It was a good time to talk, share and I realize how much I miss having those guys close enough to easily get together and hang out.

That evening, I hung with Turff and his family. They are awesome and great friends. Turff recently got a new job, which will keep him in Atlanta, much to my chagrin. I was hoping we could begin to reunite the dream team in Nash-Vegas. Oh well.

Friday morning up and rolling by 5:30 AM EST. Got to Nashville around 9 AM. Packed, cleaned the house some and watched some Veronica Mars. Then headed out to the Tennessee Conference youth workers retreat. It was good. I was disappointed that none of the larger churches seemed to support it. But it reminded me of some of the things I loved about doing events when I worked with Crossed-Up, loving volunteer youth workers. I met some awesome folks who are sharing with kids, fighting battles in their church and just keep on making it happen. I love folks like that! In all honesty, people like me (full-time paid youth workers) have it easy compared to what these folks make happen in small, stuck in their way churches.

Then I left that early, worked some more on cleaning up the apartment and did some more clothes. Tomorrow is another full Sunday so I am looking forward to some rest tonight and getting involved in the morning.


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