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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Current Podcast list...

Ask a Ninja. Ninjas are awesome!

Barenaked Ladies podcast. Okay, so they are Canadians. They are hilarious and they have a new disc out this Tuesday.

The Catalyst Podcast is a fantastic show that includes interviews by some great people in leadership in ministry. (They are affiliated with the Catalyst Conference I am going to in October.)

CommandN. Again, Canadian, funny and they give some great tech stuff information.

Ctrl-Alt-Chicken. A podcast about cooking made by people who can’t cook.

Defining Moments. A great podcast on leadership from the Willow Creek folks.

Diggnation. Tech news and humor. Not for kids. It is good tech stuff and it puts me to sleep. (I am betting that endorsement won’t make their website…)

Ebert and Roeper. I dig movies and this is a great movie review show. Essentially it is an audio feed of the weekly television show.

ESPN: PTI I miss cable and ESPN in particular. This gives me a great overview of sports daily.

Inside the Net. Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur interview some great Web 2.0 company heads.

KFI Tech Guy- Leo Laporte answering calls and talking about technology. It is great for road trips. It is a podcast of his radio show with commercials and newsbreaks edited out.

NPR: Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me is a fantastic game show that uses current events. The podcast is marked with some very funny people, great call-in guests and strange prizes.

Simply Junior High Podcast is a great video teaching tool from Kurt Johnston. The training is very practical, reproducible and short. A great idea and I definitely will be using it in helping train adults!

Simply Strategic Show is from Tim Stevens and Tony Morgan, pastors from Granger Community Church. The show covers different areas of ministry in a funny way and it is short. It is my “In case I ever run a church” category.

Simply Youth Ministry podcast. Some days I am okay with it.; some days I have to hit fast forward as it degenerates into weirdness and put-downs.

The Relevant Podcast is put on from the same folks who put out Relevant magazine. It is funny, has jokes that work for my age group and, when they take on serious topics they do it extremely well.

The Signal. If you don’t know about Firefly and Serenity, then you are really missing out.

This Week in Tech is a weekly roundtable breakdown of technology stories by folks like Leo Laporte, John C. Dvorak and Patrick Norton. Think of it as TechTV for the podcast world.


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Dude. No links?


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