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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Thanksgiving Spectacular...

It is Sunday afternoon and I am enjoying a little time to myself, which is really, really unusual. It feels good to take a break though.

I spent Thanksgiving in Mobile, Alabama where my uncle and some other family live. Most of my Dad’s side of the family was able to make it and my uncle was a great host. A good time was had by all. A long trip home for sure but definitely worth it.

While there, I participated in my first Black Friday event. My aunt and I got into the Best Buy line around 4 AM in search for her a television. Mission accomplished as her family scored the plasma 42 inch television we came for. I scored a thumbdrive I needed and an external hard drive. So even as I write this, I am backing up tons of data on my new drive. My pack rat instincts mean that I have 12 years of youth ministry stored digitally and I almost lost it all, if my brother hadn’t been able to rescue a lot of it from an angry hard drive.

Had to make it home for Sunday morning, as I sung a song for the church offertory, which gave the Youth Choir a much needed break. I sang the hymn “Come Thou Fount” and Harry, the church musical director accompanied me on his resonator guitar (aka dobro.) People were fairly nice to me about it and complimentary and I got through.

Youth Sunday School…it just isn’t my thing. I can’t seem to muster any excitement or enthusiasm on any level. I don’t know if it is just morning or what. Thankfully, someone has agreed to take over in January, which will free me up to do some much needed PR work in some adult Sunday school classes for awhile. Spring focus is on building a youth leadership team of adult counselors and a few students. I need some support and back-up in making decisions and doing the work that needs to happen.


At 10:37 PM , Blogger Danielle said...

I am always inspired as you share what you are doing! we too need to put together a leadership team- we will pray for yours if you pray for ours?
blessings in these days!


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