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Monday, November 13, 2006

What;'s Going On?

So, this weekend I was pretty lazy and good for nothing. Which is okay once in awhile I guess.

Sunday- Youth Choir sang. Sounded pretty good actually. It was Laity Sunday at our church and we had a lay speaker. He was very good I thought. Speaking when you aren't used to it can be tough. Sunday night youth went great except for an injury. More "We are here, entertain us" attitude. But it was better. Trying to keep my eyes on the long term goals and vision.

Monday- Hung out at Barnes and Nobles for the first time. It is nice. Regular old B&N. Read about 30 pages of a good book that I will be adding to my wishlist.

What is happening this week:
A road trip that I am definitely looking forward to. First, I will head from here to Macon, GA for a meeting/run-through/prayer time for a retreat this weekend. Then I will be on to Augusta to see my family. Mom recently moved into a house and I want to make sure to see it before Christmas. From there, I head to Saint Simons Island for Youth Celebration, a gathering of 500+ students and adults from the South Georgia UMC Conference. I helped write all the talks, seminars, etc. and some friends are leading worship, drama and speaking. It will remind me of my former life as a big time event guy. Now I am just excited to be hanging with my friends and doing ministry together.

Saturday night will be a head rush drive back towards Nashville. Crash is some cheap hotel and then on the Nashville because we have our church charge conference and a church-wide Thanksgiving dinner. Otherwise I would be staying through the weekend in Saint Simons.

Coming up: Thanksgiving in Mobile. Adult Leaders meetings. I need them bad and have been slack about it thus far. And I am really looking forward to the Charlotte Youth Specialties Convention. In fact, I will be making address labels and things so I can become the Exhibit Hall free stuff guy, which is completely against my nature.

Right now: Loading all kinds of sermons, talks, training and podcasts on to my Motorola Q. I like driving and listening to stuff that challenges me and makes me think. I am reading two books during my morning hours: Andy Stanley's book on communication and the Kara Powell and Chap Clark book on deeper ministry. Reviews will be coming shortly. The short reviews: they are both challenging.


At 12:53 AM , Blogger gavin richardson said...

ew, exhibit free stuff guy is bad!!

it's okay, i'm thinking of going to a willow creek student ministries conference which is against my grain too


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