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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Catalyst: Donald Miller

Catalyst: Donald Miller

First off, I wish I had listened to my brother Will and read Blue Like Jazz before last year. But after having heard Miller speak at Catalyst last year, I was definitely impressed and have since read all his works. He speaks in a language I understand: evangelical but not one of those evangelicals, smart but not perfect and stuck between the Reds and the Blues of both politics and the church’s politics. So I definitely appreciate Miller in general.

Here are my notes:
Dominant influences in Western Culture: Free market economic system, Darwinian theory and the Bible.

Formula that most marketing in the world attempts to use:

  1. Convince you that you are not happy
  2. Invest money in my product so that you can be happy

Favorite quote: “Like a home schooler discovering reality…”

Matthew 6, The Message

Spirituality works like reality

Jesus’ metaphors show how the natural world reflects God and spiritual growth.


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