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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Review: Orbiting the Giant Hairball

Book review: Orbiting the Giant Hairball: A Corporate Fool’s Guide to Surviving with Grace by Gordon MacKenzie

So I have been working my way through my stack of books. This review is the first of a couple I should do this week.

MacKenzie is a very interesting person and writer and the book reflects as much. It is full of drawings and some interesting things that definitely compliment the work that he has written. In short, the synopsis of the book is that the “corporate” structure of an organization has the ability to suffocate your own inner creativity and ingenuity. The work is full of how ideas and encouragement to engage that structure (“the Hairball”) without getting sucked into it. (“Orbiting”)

It is a hard book to review but I would definitely recommend it, especially if you are as subversive as I am but struggling to live in a structure like the mainline church. Definitely a good read and encouraged me to think that I can survive in the “Hairball” I am orbiting.


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