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Monday, October 16, 2006

A Massive Update!

A massive update….

Okay, so there is a massive amount of stuff soon to come to this blog. Just been busy doing stuff. Like life. So here is some consolidated news and random thoughts:

  • Sunday report: Sunday was great! Youth Choir sang at the early service and I was again the children’s sermon person. (FYI- Children’s sermon isn’t in my wheelhouse. At all. Definitely place it in the category of Things Other People will Do for Me Soon.”) Later in the afternoon we had a service day where we did some work on a couple of people’s homes in the church. Turnout was WAY better than I thought it would be. We ended the evening watching “Remember the Titans” and eating pizza. A good time was had by all. (And I must say, people were very, very nice to me in regards to Georgia’s self-destruction and loss to Tennessee. I can’t stand that crappy orange. God make me colorblind if you want me to stay here for a long time.)
  • Important podcast news: NPR’s “This American Life” is now available on podcast from the itunes store podcast section. Also, Mars Hill Bible Church (Rob Bell’s home) is now podcasting directly and is available in the itunes store podcast section. Previously, you had to go directly to their site and download it so this is a significant improvement. Both items are now in my play list. Along with many, many others.
  • When I moved to Tennessee I was due a new phone and I got a Motorola Q. It has been great and there are tons of great websites to help you know how to use it. So far I have been very happy and this week I got some accessories I needed for it- memory card, car charger, headphones adaptor. It will be my only carry everywhere device, which is nice.
  • Gearing up for the first big event of the youth calendar. The Lock-Out. Much of the plans are still top-secret but I have the necessary chaperones and all things are booked. Sign-up deadline was this past Sunday.
  • My “old” youth group is on their fall retreat this week. Pray for them.
  • Tech nerds: I switched to the new Google Reader for all my blog reading. So far, good stuff and easy to use.
  • I ordered the season passes for “Lost” and “Battlestar Galactica” instead of ordering cable. I hope my neighbor with the open wifi spot doesn’t move anytime soon.

Stuff coming up:

· My Catalyst Conference report. It was a great experience and I want to break it down per session, especially what my take-away was from each session.

· My Atlanta Hawks preview. Seriously. And, yes, I know they are hopeless. But they have a special place in my heart.

· Movie review of The Departed. I am hoping to see it this weekend at some point. Haven’t really done much in the movie front the last couple weeks. Been watching Entourage and House on DVD as well as some new show: Friday Night Lights (okay and getting better), Studio 60 (Good but I worry about a decline), Heroes (Has some really, really good potential). has most new shows online for watching if you want to kill some time at the office.

· Random sports thought: TO, quit listening to idiots (Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders) and demonstrating your own idiocy. Catch the football, score touchdowns and shut up. Go Falcons! Go Dawgs! (Mark Richt is a great coach and, more importantly to me, a good man who wants to build young men of character. I hope he is UGA’s coach for the next quarter century.)

· Fantasy football: Doesn’t look good for me to repeat as league champ. Trying, but it ain’t working. Next year, I will draft 4 running backs in the first 4 rounds.


At 3:01 PM , Anonymous clave said...

Praise the Jesus that Mars Hill is direct to iTunes now! That saves some iPod clutter for me and makes it much simpler to have it come to me rather than to go fetch it each week.

Don't give up on your fantasy season yet!


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