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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some Wednesday Randomness...

Some really random thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon…

  1. The Atlanta Hawks are 3-1, including a big win over Lebron and the Cavs. Since Georgia football is in the tank and the Titans aren’t quite good enough for me to jump on their bandwagon, I am all juiced up about the Hawks. Enough so that I bought tickets to a Hawks-Grizzlies game in December in Memphis.
  2. I am very thankful that I won’t have to listen to another Bob Corker or Harold Ford, Jr. senatorial commercial. And they spend millions running those ads and you never once, ever see a “Thanks for voting for me” ad. Never. Jerks.
  3. Speaking of which- last night in Nashville when I went to sleep at 11 PM there were still people in line to vote. (Polls closed here in Tennessee at 7 PM.) The best part was one of the Elections officials saying that they were satisfied with the waits and more people should vote early. They were unhappy when the reporter stated that there was no demand that people vote early; that it was simply an option.
  4. I am so glad my “politics is going to save the world” phase ended about 8 years ago.
  5. The coke fast. Still going. I have had an occasional lemonade from the machine down the hall from my office. But that is mainly because I am lazy and haven’t brought in new drinks. Still no cokes. Less pain than before. Feel like I am turning the corner.
  6. Sunday update- I had one of those Sundays were I went home and looked at the ceiling and went “You think that was funny?” Just nothing worked, kids were belligerent, ornery, pains in the backside. I felt like I was a boxer pinned on the ropes and getting the crap kicked out of me. Thankfully, some good stuff has happened since that seems to be an answer to some of my prayers.
  7. We have a temp secretary at the office. Today she asked me something fairly basic and I didn’t have an answer. I left proud that for 3 months I have kept myself out of fixing everyone’s problems and didn’t know the answer.
  8. In two weekends I will be at a large youth gathering. I am looking forward to being in a place where I can sing, pray, listen, laugh and learn and have nearly no responsibilities. I need some worship where I don’t have any responsibilities that don’t relate to me. Side note: If anyone knows of a church that has contemporary worship on Saturday evenings in the greater Nashville area, I’d appreciate a heads up.
  9. Fantasy football- I am slowly fighting my way back into contention. Riding Tom Brady, Steven Jackson and Warrick Dunn, along with either Marc Bulger or Vince Young as my all-purpose person I have been fighting my way back from a 1-3 start. Outside chance it could go my way. The team I am playing this week seems unmanned, as 3 of the players on his active list are out.
  10. Football is over here. Both the high schools where I have kids lost last weekend in the opening round of the playoffs. It is always interesting watching the senior players, cheerleaders and band kids realize that for most of them, that part of their life is over. One of my kids came by randomly at the office after voting and it seemed because he didn’t know what else to do. (He is a football player being recruited. In fact, he got a recruiting call while sitting in my office.)
  11. Random things I am digging: Heroes (one of the best shows on TV), Studio 60, 30 Rock (Last week’s interaction between Tracy Morgan and the intern was some of the funniest stuff I have seen in awhile), Battlestar Galactica (I may soon write a post about if Adama was a pastor) and Lost. Tonight is the last Lost before the 13 week break, so it will be weird to see what happens.


At 10:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason! What's up? I've been wondering what happened to you ever since I saw your review of the Doug Fields podcast on iTunes. Hilarious, and a little bit frightening. I hope things are going well for you. I've been wanting to get in touch with you, but no one seems to know how. I'm gonna risk it and put my email address on here for you. I'd love to catch up a little bit and talk a little youth ministry with you. I'm at a church in SC serving the Lord. Anyways, hope to hear from you soon.

At 11:19 PM , Anonymous Mucha said...

YO! I am totally diggin Heroes and Studio 60. I don't have anyone around the church or in the youth group watching them so I have no one to talk to about it. All the more reason I'm missin you!


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