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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Catalyst: Andy Stanley and John Maxwell

Catalyst: Andy Stanley and John Maxwell

In this session, Andy Stanley tried to re-create some early mentoring sessions he had with John Maxwell. I found it to be very great. One of the earliest training things I ever went to was a John Maxwell leadership event in Jacksonville, FL and I was impressed with his desire to train and raise up leaders!

Lead into your strengths. Don’t waste time focusing on your weaknesses. As quickly as possible lean towards what you do well.

On a 1-10 scale, you will only be able to learn and grow yourself up 2 points. People don’t pay for average.

Talk to your friends and if they give you a 5 or less in certain areas, that is a weakness.

Find people to cover areas you are weak in.


10 leaders attract 9 leaders.

We attract who we are, not who we want.

Investment- crowd- 12-3

Jesus didn’t spend his time equally. He spoke to crowds, he invested in 12 and really invested in 3.

Jesus picked leaders, gifts to advance the Gospel.

Think like a coach: design plays for the best players to shoot and try and score!

Difference between attitude, competence and skill.

Skills can only grow so much. Think +2 maximum.

Attitude is a choice and can climb much higher.

The more choice you have (attitude over skill) the more change you can make.

Key- find potentially great leaders to develop.

Choices = big growth

Spiritual development versus leadership development: Spiritual development is a choice.

360 degree leader- the ability to lead in the middle of the pack. Lead up and down simultaneously.

“Follow me, I’m right behind you.”

Lead up, lead across and lead down.

People who have influenced the world the most have never had the highest position.

On ending well in ministry:

What should happen: “The closer people get, the more they love you.”

People who fail morally:

  1. No accountability
  2. Not in the Word of God
  3. Never thought it could happen to them!

“Lead me not into temptation.”

-Accountability partner. Questions they can ask and probe you. The final question should always be “Have you been truthful with me in all these answers?”

Surround yourself with prayer partners.

Protect yourself, be safe and don’t get too close to the edge.


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