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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Catalyst: Rick McKinley and Donald Miller

Catalyst: Rick McKinley and Donald Miller

Donald Miller and his pastor, Rick McKinley did a little Q and A forum about the community of faith that they are both invested in, Imago Dei.

Rick McKinley shared some of his earliest experiences with the church:

“I didn’t care that I didn’t fit in. I just wanted Jesus.”

Outreach isn’t a how-to, it is a want to.

Sometimes we treat outreach as a version of Amway Jesus, trying to sell people our commercialized version of church.

In the midst of their efforts, they realized that God was at work in the streets.

They don’t come back alive because they aren’t worried about safety.

Risk= transformation

Lead hard, be willing to risk and be wise about discernment.

Church= sent people of God.

Church doesn’t exist for itself, it exists for those outside of it.

Staff serve the hearts of God’s people as they are out doing ministry.

The culture feels like we hate them.

Media is always black and white, shocking, not nuisanced.

If you protect yourself from the culture, you lose your voice.

The church is the hope of the world and when it is on mission, it is transformational.


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