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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So this is annoying...

Today I spent some time looking over my bills and realized that my Verizon bill has been over what it should be for several months. So I start digging and think that maybe I need to up my minutes because I keep running over. Upon further inspection, it turns out when I got my Motorola Q, I was signed up for a data plan. All of this occurs because Sparky at the Cool Springs Verizon store thinks I am an idiot and don't understand that I can't use the uber-cool internet functions if I don't have the plan. I didn't want to use that functionality yet. I just wanted to use it to sync stuff to my computer and as a phone. Oh well. So for months I have been able to check email, etc. and didn't know that I was paying for it.

Well, Sparky. Look out. The problem is that I have all my contracts, my plan rates and your business card. I am coming for you Sparky and I will get my money back and/or several free months of service. I will not be denied. I will rise early, I will listen to Rage Against the Machine and I will be there when the store opens. See you next Monday at the store. Better bring your game face...

(PS- Sparky is the generic name that I use for all sales-weasels who try and stick it to you.)


At 6:45 PM , Blogger clave said...

I'm having trouble with Sparky at Verizon, his cousin Snarky at Bank of America, and their evil twin Poophead from our miving company. Could you talk to them for me?

At 9:06 PM , Blogger Keith said...

oh...I got your back!

Sparky, dont make me come all the way up to Nashville to kick some sales person booty!!!!

At 7:43 AM , Anonymous kim said...

I hate Sparky! Try being a woman who knows more than her fair share about cars trying to buy a car......That is really aggravating!

At 12:00 PM , Blogger Algernon said...

I miss old Sparky. I havent seen him since the Dave and Busters trip of, what, 2003? 2002?

At 6:54 AM , Anonymous Turff said...

Oh yeah? Well Sparky at Cingular signed my Windows-based smart phone up for the BlackBerry Data Plan.

"Who set you up?"

That's what the nice lady at Cingular customer support said when I called to let her know my uber-cool internet functions didn't seem to work.


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