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Friday, December 15, 2006

Review: The Education of Shelby Knox

I stumbled into this documentary somehow in Netflix.
The basic story is that some documentary folks (who clearly had a very large agenda before they began filming...) followed Shelby Knox, a high school student who tried to get more comprehensive sex education in the school system of Lubbock, Texas, where STD and pregnancy rates are really high.

Some thoughts:
1. The agenda is clearly on display. At one point in the extras one of the filmmakers laments that at her son's school the sex education isn't comprehensive enough because it doesn't deal with abortion.
2. The story follows a young lady for three years. It is interesting to watch her change. If I had a solid adult youth team in place, it would be a fascinating movie to watch as a team and dissect. She definitely changes.
3. The youth minister in the film is a horrendous caricature. I hope he watched it and realized what a goofy tool he was. He drops all the standard fundamentalist catchphrases and never seems to really deal with a girl who is being exposed to new things and trying to move towards a more mature faith.

Taking a cue from Alge, the IMDB rating on this thing is 7.8. which is unbelievably high. If I wasn't a youth worker, this movie doesn't have much in it. Even as a youth worker, it is an okay watch. I'd give it a 4.


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