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Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend marked the start of Spring Break around here. So in the massive wisdom of our church leadership, we scheduled helping a food drive on the first day of Spring Break. Now, you need to know- EVERYONE around here heads out for Spring Break. Second, the last time we did this, turnout was horrible and that was on a good time. So what happens? Our people prove us wrong and show up in droves to help sort and pack food for the poor in Williamson County. It was really amazing watching everyone get after it and knock it out. And about half the folks were youth and youth families, which was encouraging. So we packed 217 boxes of food that are going to be distributed closer to Easter. And some of the guys even stuck around for a long time for the pick-up trailer to arrive.
Sunday School was uneventful. Small crowd due to the holiday.
Sunday night we played some hoops for MYF. I once again amazed the kids by having a Charles Barkley (post-retirement) body and a Reggie Miller jumpshot. It was fun and I was proud of how my older guys included and encouraged the middle school guys who were playing with us.


At 1:10 PM , Blogger gavin richardson said...

don't you "love it when a plan comes together." glad you were surprised. way to take the kids behind the woodshed in b'ball. i beat up on the kids in the small ball.. golf..

funny short story. one of my youth leaders (mom) is a competitive tennis player. she took on two of the guys at the same time and killed them, never dropped a game. good laughs at youth last night


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