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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Job Search Update

Though I will soon take the time to wallow in my self pity, I have been busy and will offer up some updates so you can know what is going on and what to pray for.

My resume is up at Youth Specialties , which is the largest clearing house of youth ministry job openings. It has already generated some interest and I am prayerfully considering an interview in Ohio. Ohio is a long way from where I am used to but it may be time for me to get shaken up a bit.

I also sent out around 20 resumes via email to churches that had opening on Youth Specialties. So far I have started with UMC churches in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and a couple positions in northern Florida. If I could have my pick, there is a very healthy, vibrant youth ministry at a large church in a college town that I think would be an excellent fit for me. The last few years one of my greatest joys has been helping students prepare for a life of ministry and in a college setting that would be a no-brainer. But there are several great jobs on the list and I would be happy to have God put me in any of them.

The next step is to consider a denominational change. The South Carolina diocese of the Episcopal Church has a wonderful support network and retreat system that I have admired from afar for some time. I am going to try and get in touch with their coordinator in the next few days and see what openings they have and if my gifts would be a fit in any of them.

Lastly, the church that I worked for did finally come to its senses and is allowing me to say goodbye to students. Sounds like we are doing an open house, pool party thing on Saturday, May 20th from 6-10 PM @ Janey Allen's house. It should be the best way to handle it. It will allow me to say goodbye and it doesn't create a traffic jam of 100 people in one meeting, which could easily degenerate into a lynch mob. I want to do everything I can to start the healing process for the students and help them move into the next stage of their lives.

Philippians 1:6!


At 8:45 AM , Blogger Mamakomeere said...

There is no doubt in my mind that you will hear His call loud and clear. Can't help adding a request to my prayer that He keep you in the South and (of course) we wouldn't be upset if He sent you to Alabama (smile)


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