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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

5 odd conversations I have had recently

5 odd conversations I have had recently.
1. A conversation with a teacher at the school mentioned below in regards to the bad sportsmanship of a coach.  Strange that an email sent to specific people is floating around randomly…
2. A student who wanted to make sure it was okay to skip the annual beach retreat in favor of the mission trip.  And when we had the conversation, she lowered her voice and made sure none of her peers were around, as if she were questioning the foundations of our youth ministry.
3. A couple counselors who can tell I am pretty beat up right now and they know that doesn’t bode well.  Or at least they think it doesn’t bode well.
4. A friend of mine where we honestly debated about the need for church.  We both fell into the idea that we need Jesus’ people desperately but are pretty sure the church isn’t helping either of us very much; we need his people; everyone else can keep the institutions and the buildings.  And we are both working at churches.  Am I part of the problem or the solution?  I really don’t know sometimes…
5. A mom of a soon to be 8th grade guy who is moving away.  It is a good move for them professionally and they will be around lots and lots more family.  The family has done some global trips all over the world and, when asked to write about his favorite place, her son wrote about our youth group and our youth room.


At 5:48 AM , Anonymous Jamie Westlake said...

See what you said in point #5 for your answer to point #4. Eugene peterson said, " Everytime I move to a new community, i find a church close by and join it- committing myself to worship and work with that company of God's people. I've never been anything other than disappointed: every one turns out to be biblical, through and through: murmurers, complainers, the faithless, the inconstant, those plagued with doubt and riddled with sin, boring moralizers, glamorous secularizers. Every once in a while a shaft of blazing beauty seems to break out of nowhere and illuminate these companies, and then i see what my sin-dulled eyes had missed: word of God-shaped, Holy spirit-created lives of sacrificial humility, incredible courage, heroic virtue, holy praise, joyful suffering, constant prayer, persevering obedience." (Leap Over a Wall, p. 101) Hang in there and give thanks that you were (and are!) one of those blazing shafts of God's beauty for some 8th grader you may never see again.


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