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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sunrise Service

Five things that I really liked about the sunrise service at our church:
  1. It was messy.  Sure, I could have worked hard, cleaned it up and made it into a pretty, shiny thing.  But students led most of it and it was fine.

  2. The real-ness that came from student’s hearts.  We had three people share what Easter means to them and all of them nailed the idea of resurrection in their own lives.  It was real and honest and something we need more of.

  3. The thanks of the people who came.  Some people just carry more weight with me, people that you know love the church, care deeply for Jesus and are growing.  Those folks said thanks and it meant a lot.

  4. The prayer chapel.  It was built on the backside of our property in the last year by a scout for his Eagle scout project.  It was really nice and really perfect for the service.

  5. No hymns or hymnal!  (Just kidding…sorta.)


At 8:27 AM , Anonymous Danielle Jones said...

Sounds like a fantastic service- and what a great idea! A youth led Easter service- such a testimony to so many who think that teenagers aren't engaged in their faith or in the life of the church beyond themselves- so often I find it is the other way around.
You are doing great things!


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