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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Random Quotes...

In my job, sometimes you run into the funniest quotes:
"Are all these kids yours?"- the very helpful waitress at the Nashville Pizza Company as I hung out with 7 of the sixth graders in our Confirmation class. I was somewhat thankful that I could be considered enough of a playa to have 7 kids within a year of each other as my kid.

"Jason- you are the beastliest youth minister" which is the current middle school way of saying "You're cool", at least around here.

"You have an enormous capacity to love" which came from a friend in admiring my work in some recent situations. (And which may be the best compliment I have ever been given.)

"It's okay that you can't park the church van, you do other stuff great" from a sixth grader who watched me try and park the church van for 5 minutes with little to no success at the Bishop meet and greet for Confirmands last weekend.


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