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Friday, February 16, 2007

Things we have come to accept in youth ministry...

A tip of the hat to Marko for pointing to this post, which lists some things that Mark Riddle thinks we have come to accept in youth ministry.
Mark Riddle's Post

Here are some that I have experienced or am experiencing:

2. That the success or failure of the spiritual nurture of our kids is based primarily on the giftedness or lack thereof, of a person filling the youth position.

8. That we give lip service to parents being the primary spiritual nurturers of their children, but do absolutely nothing to actually support parents in our church.

13. That having a youth pastor means the youth ministry is taken care of.

Really thoughtful and provoking ideas. In my time as a youth worker and as someone who provided some care for youth workers at time, some of these are definitely spot on.


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