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Friday, January 05, 2007

Ah yeah...Friday randomness...

Some random Friday thoughts...
1. Been growing a beard. I will have to shave it for Sunday but I have learned that I theoretically could have a beard if I had like 6 months to let it grow. One day I may be like a Grizzlie Adams youth pastor. It could happen...

2. Starting a new series this weekend called "God Who?" My partner in crime wrote this first two lessons and I am working on the last two. Week one is a great beginning where we talk about the doctrine of the Trinity. The next three weeks will be be about the Father, Jesus and the Son. It is a back to basics series but I am hoping it will be a great fire starter for our group.

3. Coming off vacation and having spent time with some of my family, it is always tough to get back in the flow. So today I just made me a list of stuff that I can do without much thought, just in order to be productive. Seems to have worked some. And today I got a fantastic poster from some middle school girls who had a sleepover at their Bible study leader's house. It was a great pick me up and a reminder that I am making a difference. (And lately I have been doubting that last part.)

4. Warmth in Winter is coming! The church I currently work at is in the Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church and the largest youth event they do is called Warmth in Winter. So this year, we are taking high schoolers. I am really looking forward to the event because I have no real responsibilities other than keep everyone "safe and sound" and I am hoping to bridge the gaps between some of the kids going and myself. That happens January 26-28, so I'd appreciate some prayers.


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