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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Praying for Passion

So first off, happy New Year everyone. I started 2006 thinking I had a fairly accurate idea of what I would be doing over the course of that year. Boy, was I wrong! But I enter 2007 confident in God's ability to lead me and my willingness to follow.

But this post is about something totally different.
When I started as a youth minister in Waycross, GA, I was hit hard with the reality that I wasn't really connecting and growing through the worship experiences at my church. And somehow, I stumbled in the website for the Atlanta-area singles ministry called 7:22. And through that I began to be exposed to the teachings of Louie Giglio. And God used that to encourage me, challenge me and make me different from what I was.

Louie doesn't teach at 7:22 anymore; but his heartbeat has always been for college-aged folks. And one of the main things he does is leading Passion, a movement that targets college folks and challenges them to grow in faith and to ultimately become the force that God uses to change the world. I have been blessed to be involved in several Passion events, including One Day in Texas, where I went with a couple of my old youth from Waycross and their new youth director in a rented Cadillac. It was an amazing experience.

All of that to say, this week, 20,000+ students and college-aged folks are gathering in Atlanta at Phillips Arena and the World Congress Center to celebrate who God is and to turn their hearts back towards Him. So let's add our prayers to the prayers of those that are there, that God will continue to raise up and change people who will ultimately change the world.

(PS- they are posting the main session from Passion '07 for people to view. The videos are up for a day and can be watched at


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