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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Random Christmas Eve stuff I am thinking...

Some random Christmas Eve thinking, written listening to Sufjan Stevens' Songs for Christmas, which rocks my face.

1. So I have been thinking about other things I could do for a living. Don't read anything big into that statement yet, but I have been thinking about it so here are some jobs that I think I could be suited for:
- the person who picks the music that goes into the jukeboxes at Waffle House. (Note: I am not saving I could be the person who writes music like "Special Lady at the Waffle House." I am just saying I could make some compelling musical selections for the Waffle House.
- a cool movie theater manager. Sadly, I think I would have to win the lotto and do my own thing. But it would be a cool job for me.
- a professor of youth ministry. Or a Young Life person whose primary responsibilities are training up the next generation of leadership.
- a sports talk radio personality in a mid-major market. The local guys here, wow, they are bad. Atlanta must have spoiled me.
- a writer for a sketch comedy show
- the host of "Waffle House Confessions." The idea is simple. Every week, we spend a whole week at a random Waffle House and ask people to tell us their stories. Then we edit those down and share them on the show. Kinda like HBO's "Taxi Cab Confessions" minus the naughtiness. Here is why I think this show would rock:
a) Waffle House is the great equalizer. It is truly one of the few places where you can see a beat-up pick-up truck, a Hummer and a Lexus in the same parking lot as a Toyota Camry. So the stories would cross socio-economic lines.
b) Every Waffle House I have ever been has someone crazy on staff. (My family has some serious Waffle House connections back in the day; in fact, we may have been the crazy person at some of the stores.) So you are guaranteed one good story every week from someone on staff.
c) Waffle House as a sponsor. While I am certain it would bring my death closer and faster, waffle sandwiches for free would rule!
d) There are Waffle Houses in lots of different kinds of communities. Upscale, suburbs, downtown urban, etc.
e) My brother had great ideas for titles of shows: Week One: Scattered, Week Two: Smothered, etc. Nothing like a shout-out to the hashbrowns of the Wa-Ho. Anyone want to front the money for the first shows?

- the person who revolutionizes high school ballgame concessions everywhere. Okay, seriously...has anyone tried any new food ideas in this market in 20 years? We can do better than hotdogs and nachos. Possible things I would put on the menu- quesadillas, tacos, egg rolls, Bubba Burgers, grilled cheeses, baked potato bar. Some would even say we could try something like sushi. Not me of course because I don't generally eat bait, but other people would say that maybe.

2. Sometimes you are absolutely certain of some things. And I am absolutely positive that my dad does not and will never care about this information: The New York Metropolitan Opera will be broadcasting some shows directly to theaters in high-def. Why am I so certain? My dad doesn't like opera. And my dad never will like opera.

3. It is hard to be single in a new area on the holidays. I am heading to Augusta tomorrow and will spend next week with some of my family. But in the meantime, it is tough. I especially feel for people who can't make it home for Christmas.

4. My niece is 2+ this year, so she is getting the whole idea of Christmas from what I hear. So tomorrow should be fun.

5. I wonder how many people will be at churches today and tonight who don't really understand what we are the One who is the visible image of the invisible God! And Merry Christmas to all!


At 12:58 PM , Blogger Algernon said...

Dude, I am all about that Waffle House show! I would definitely tune in!


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