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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

And now...your Atlanta Hawks...

Okay, I haven't talked about our Atlanta Hawks in quite awhile. So here are some thoughts:
1. I hate Billy Knight as our GM. He is arrogant, unfriendly to the media and, in general, a dork. He does absolutely nothing to help our franchise in terms of media relations and I suspect that he is sabotaging the franchise so when Steve Belkin arrives and takes over, it will be in worse shambles.
2. We finally got a point guard. Speedy Claxton isn't Chris Paul, but he is an upgrade for us at the point and should be able to help us out some. I still wish we could have gotten Sam Cassell, as he is a freaking man-beast of a player, even as old as he is.
3. Al Harrington is on the way out. You can say what you want about Al but he played hard last year in a year when he was asked to play out of position. He made the most of it. I hope that we can work a sign and trade with another team to get us some front court help.
4. Shelden Williams. Eehh. I mean, I personally don't think he will be great, as he is undersized. But he had a great career at Duke and hopefully can contribute right away. I do think he ought to get minutes.

So what does the roster look like for next year:
PG- Speedy Claxton
SG- Joe Johnson
SF- Josh Smith
PF- Marvin Williams
C- Zaza Pachulia

Back ups:
PG- Royal Ivey, Salim Stoudamire and Tyronne Lue
SG- Josh Childress
SF- Josh Childress
PF- Shelden Williams

What I would do:
1. Say thanks for the memories to Tyronne Lue. We need to get younger and faster and Salim Stoudamire needs minutes for us to decide if he is a good back-up.
2. Spend some money to bring Matt Harpring to Atlanta. He is a solid shooter, became a tough as nails defender in Utah and he is a local Atlanta guy.
3. Look for some bargain free agent veterans. We need experience and need some great bench role players.


At 8:04 AM , Blogger clave said...

I can't yet talk about basketball after I heard the news that Ben Wallace defected to the Bulls...

At 8:27 AM , Anonymous Turff said...

Dang, now I KNOW you have to much time on your hands. You've resorted to blogging the hawks.


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