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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A thing I don't get...

So, having been without a job for nearly 2 months now, I have been doing a lot of interviews. In fact, give me a second...
I have done a dozen interviews now. And in the midst of the interview or the hanging out time, people will ask something to this effect: "Are you interviewing at other churches as well?"
So, I answer them honestly: "Yes, I am looking for the best church to serve and I don't have a job, so I am looking to wherever God may lead me."

And sometimes that answer puts people off, which I don't understand. I can honestly say I have not nor will I play one church off another to get a higher salary or better benefits or anything like that. I have focused on asking good questions, getting good answers, providing good answers and basically trying to determine the answer to this statement: "Is God calling me to this place to minister with these people?" But the simple fact that I am interviewing at other places has clearly put some people off. I just don't understand it.

Imagine what would happen if I asked someone if they would close off all interviews except for me. Doesn't make a lot of sense. In fact, in one case, I specifically asked a church to make sure they interviewed other people before they offered me the job. And I did that basically to make sure that if I was the person they wanted that they were sure and we wouldn't wind up with "Buyer's Remorse" down the road. You know..."Man, we really should have interviewed more people before we hired Jason."

And since I am ranting, put your best foot forward if you are interviewing someone and making an offer. I am pretty sure that one church just lowballed me because they thought that because they were closer to my family that I would take a significant pay cut. (Several thousand dollars a year.) Much to their surprise, that wasn't the case. Do as well as you can by the people you want to hire and to make a part of your church's staff. Don't put people in the position where they feel like they have to pull teeth to get your best offer. It isn't fair to them and it certainly is a bad place to start a ministerial and support connection. Hiring someone isn't the place to go all nickel and dime on someone.

All of that to say: I am still praying. One great church has made a significant offer. I have to let them know during the week. Several more interviews loom on the surface. Regardless, if you can, say some prayers that God would lead me to a place where I can do the best that I can at the place He calls me to. Thanks...


At 8:15 AM , Anonymous Turff said...

I hear you. The problem is that the folks doing the hiring and firing in a church environment are often making THE ONLY HIRING AND FIRING DECISIONS OF THEIR ADULT LIVES. No one in the secular world would be in the least suprised to learn that a candidate was interviewing elsewhere. In fact, to ask someone that question would make the questioner look somewhat stupid. Further, as a hiring manager, I would NEVER, I repeat NEVER contact the boss of an employee that was still recieving a paycheck from another institution without express permission from the candidate. This, I have learned, is something that happens with regularity in the church.


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