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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Awkward Youth Ministry Moments...

So on Mondays, I go pick up about 10 students from the closest middle school, bring them back to the church, have a snack with them and about an hour later, we have Confirmation class, once some kids from other schools arrive. In the meantime, we play basketball some.

So this week, I am playing with the kids and generally goofing off. One kid in particular talks a bunch of smack, so I talk a little with him. So this kid somehow got a rebound and ball faked me. And, unintentionally, I mugged him. Like had to hold him up by his shirt or else he would have smacked a wall kind of mugging. (It was a good fake.)

And of course right as this is happening, a mom is dropping off her kid. Yeah, I am the youth director that assaults 6th graders...


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